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Mason Fricke has been a part of agriculture his entire life.

Growing up on his family’s fourth-generation family farm near Chapin in Morgan County, Illinois, he’s helped his dad check their cow-calf herd and assists his cousins’ in their hog confinement buildings.

Becoming involved in 4-H and showing at fairs was a natural for Mason. Both his parents (Keith and DeDe) showed during their years in 4-H, and his grandfather was active in the Illinois State Fair Sheep Superintendent’s office for many years.

But goats were Mason’s choice for his project. And he’s turned it into a growing enterprise. He renovated the farm’s old wooden garage into a nursery for kidding. And a former hog finishing building is now the barn for his summer fair herd.

The goats are also his SAE through Triopia High School FFA, where he just completed a year as chapter president during his junior year. He’s also been part of the FFA and 4-H livestock judging teams and looks forward to continuing this activity in college.

In addition to goats, sports have been a pastime for Mason. He has played basketball and football, but his favorite is baseball.


I work very hard to raise healthy, loved animals. 

Nutrition: I provide my goats with good quality water and nutritionally balanced diets. And yes, I admit to giving them the occasional treat!

Housing: Sometimes these goats need to be outside. Other times, they need the security of the indoors. I provide them with safe living conditions to meet their well-being needs.

Health: I implement science-based animal health programs and provide my goats with veterinary care when they need it.

Play: Goats are active. That’s why I give them toys to play with, structures to climb on and  lots of scratches behind the ears.  



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